Wednesday, February 26, 2014

New York City | Behind The Lens

It's been quiet on the blog lately but I have a good reason! Ben and I went on a little up north adventure to visit family and celebrate my Popou (my Greek grandfather) turning 90 years old! I got to see a ton of family, some of which I haven't seen in 15+ years. It was a wonderful little trip. We decided to visit my friend Nessa in New York for two days, spent one day in Boston and the other day in Rhode Island then fly home. We navigated the NY Subway by ourselves at some parts and I was pretty proud because I must say...I feel like the Boston "T" is easier to navigate. I have to be honest here. I feel like there is no signage to let you know where you are in the NY subway! Maybe I'm just used to the Boston vibe for the subway, who knows. We never got lost though so I call it a win. I did have a battle with one of the subway doors closing when I was trying to get on and I won. Ben and Nessa just stared at me and I totally contribute it to my mini muscles and not the conductor of the train seeing me trying to get on or anything. Obviously.

We had a blast on our little four day adventure (which felt like a week - in a good way. We packed in  A LOT of stuff and saw a lot of people we wanted to see) I brought my camera all over NYC and shot for myself which I mentioned in another blog post about being a goal in 2014 - Shooting for myself when I'm not working. I have been known to be neglectful of documenting my own life since I'm constantly documenting other peoples lives. Shooting objects or places honestly just isn't as interesting as shooting people and weddings which I truly am inspired by but shooting just for myself and the places I am at is nice and it's growing on me again ;) 

I hope you enjoy some of my favorite shots I took all around New York. All of these were shot with my trusty (and tiny) 25mm 2.8 pancake lens which is perfect for travel for me because it doesn't add much weight to my already heavy camera body. 

...And you may notice I have been in a black and white mood lately ;)

On our way to the MET. I LOVED it and we barely got to see it all.

The Cruel Intentions house. My teenage self was giddy.

My beautiful friend of 18 years, Nessa.

My sweet husband

 Central Park

The 9/11 Memorial. They have done an incredible job so far. Awe inspiring.

The best vanilla chai latte I've ever had. Seriously ah-mayzing.

Delicious lunch at Grey Dog in Soho. Loved this place!

And... finally got to see Grand Central Station and played with some shutter drag.

Friday, February 14, 2014

A Vintage Parisian Valentine | Styled Edtorial

Last year I shot this Parisian inspired Valentine editorial with the always wonderful Flagship Romance as models (and real life couple)

 I love these two oh so much and have shot with them many times over the years. I thought I would share this shoot again this Valentines Day!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day filled with love and joy. Spend it with whoever you love most whether it be a spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, friends, family or even your furbabies. 

Happy Valentines Day! xo

Set Design: Dairing Events
Hair: Christian and Co.
Makeup: Artistry By Erin
Cakes + Macaroons: Alleycakes Dessert Company
Models: Jordyn Jackson + Shawn Fisher of Flagship Romance
Draping + Backdrop: Balloon Construction Company
Behind the Scenes Help: Blanca Zambrana
Red Necklace: Lacey.B Designs
Black Dress: Forever 21
Gloves: Vintage
Shoes: Lui Chi
Pink Dress: BCBG 
Stockings: Victoria Secret
Shoes: Kenzie