Friday, March 28, 2014

Welcome To The Family | Behind The Lens

I would like to introduce you to two new family members to the WHP team. They will be put through a lot, see tons of new things, shoot a lot of upcoming weddings and be very loved. 

Please welcome.... Miss Gracie Butterscotch by Jo Totes. My hubby, Ben got me this for my birthday last week and I was ecstatic. He knew I wanted (and needed) a new main camera bag that was not only pretty to look at but comfortable to wear for 10+ hours, not bulky and could hold everything I mainly use and need on me at all times during a wedding. My old camera bag I had was too small and just not functional any more and my other camera bag that holds my back up gear and misc equipment is also a Jo Totes bag but is more bulky and not for wearing constantly. Gracie Butterscotch here has pockets for days (front, back and hidden ones. I LOVE storage) and is SO comfortable as a crossbody. I'm so excited to try her out for Kathryn + Brian's wedding this weekend. 

And also please welcome... Mr. 8mm fisheye lens who I have lusted after for as long as I can remember. Some fisheye lenses were just so outrageously expensive and I just never got around to getting one. Then I found this one at a reasonable price and it got amazing reviews. So as a birthday present to myself I bought it and I'm so excited to have this be apart of my gear. Equally excited to test this guy out for Kathryn + Brian's wedding this weekend (They are just getting a "Super excited Krystal with new stuff" weekend along with their wedding day)

Friday, March 21, 2014

Brittany's Rock The Dress | Jacksonville, FL Bridal Photographer

You may remember Brittany from her wedding back in January. It was a rainy one and I adored their images but I was really excited to do a totally different look and vibe with her "rock the dress" session. Oh and we FINALLY didn't have to use that umbrella (as much as we loved it!) it was time to move on and finally use some beautiful natural light. Below are some of my favorites (and it was really hard to narrow down if that gives you an idea of just how awesome this session was)

This was also my first attempt at making a floral head crown and I loved how it turned out and I'm so glad Brittany loved it. She is always up for anything and trusts my vision so much which means the world to me. 

You can see Brittany + Kyle's original wedding day blog post here

Happy Friday!