Friday, January 29, 2016

Jo + Joe Are Married! | January 23rd 2016 | California Wedding Photographer

I have known Jo for around twelve years now and even though we always lived in different cities we have stayed in touch one way or another. We were forever bonded through our shortness (she's even shorter than me at 4'11!) and the different life experiences we have gone through both apart and together. 

Seeing her find love with Joe makes my heart so incredibly happy and then he's truly wonderful which is a bonus ;)

 The fact that she chose to do their intimate wedding in literally the most gorgeous location in stunning Temecula, California made my job easy. There is truly nothing like California light. The sunsets are just unreal and both Jo + Joe (I had a lot of fun with the names this past weekend) had the most beautiful, soft light I could hope for when their pictures rolled around. 

I was so honored when Jo wanted me to do this and was excited for the adventure of shooting my second wedding in Cali with the beautiful light, rolling mountains and amazing weather (so jealous of their weather and no humidity)

This wedding was the king of DIY weddings....
Jo sewed all of the lavender satchel favors for the ladies, the floral ties for Joe and her son, Carter and she made her own dress as well as her daughter, Lily's dress. Yes she MADE them....

Joe also did some amazing DIY work with the guest globe, the guys whiskey favors and the cake stand he carved.

I did all of the floral with the help of Jo's sister in law, Macy.

And special thanks to Cupcake Boss for their beautiful cake and the food catered by El Appetiz.

To say I am excited for these images is an understatement. 

Congratulations to J + J. 
Wishing you all the happiness this world can offer and many moons of love :)

Victoria | Jacksonville Rock The Dress Photographer

Right before I left for California I got to shoot Victoria's bridal session and I was so excited to see her gorgeous poofy ballgown. I loved it! Any excuse for a girl to get back in her wedding dress especially for more pictures is always a good one ;) 

I was so excited how gorgeous the light was this day and the fact that this light just so happens to be in my backyard all day on sunny days like this. Just a bonus for yours truly when we bought this house we love ;) Despite the backyard being a massive project on our end (and it's come a long way trust me!) it's always a source for beautiful light for me if I want to do a quick shoot back there so I'm happy!

Victoria looked gorgeous and I really loved how these turned out!