Friday, March 28, 2014

Welcome To The Family | Behind The Lens

I would like to introduce you to two new family members to the WHP team. They will be put through a lot, see tons of new things, shoot a lot of upcoming weddings and be very loved. 

Please welcome.... Miss Gracie Butterscotch by Jo Totes. My hubby, Ben got me this for my birthday last week and I was ecstatic. He knew I wanted (and needed) a new main camera bag that was not only pretty to look at but comfortable to wear for 10+ hours, not bulky and could hold everything I mainly use and need on me at all times during a wedding. My old camera bag I had was too small and just not functional any more and my other camera bag that holds my back up gear and misc equipment is also a Jo Totes bag but is more bulky and not for wearing constantly. Gracie Butterscotch here has pockets for days (front, back and hidden ones. I LOVE storage) and is SO comfortable as a crossbody. I'm so excited to try her out for Kathryn + Brian's wedding this weekend. 

And also please welcome... Mr. 8mm fisheye lens who I have lusted after for as long as I can remember. Some fisheye lenses were just so outrageously expensive and I just never got around to getting one. Then I found this one at a reasonable price and it got amazing reviews. So as a birthday present to myself I bought it and I'm so excited to have this be apart of my gear. Equally excited to test this guy out for Kathryn + Brian's wedding this weekend (They are just getting a "Super excited Krystal with new stuff" weekend along with their wedding day)

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