Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Goodbye January, Hello February! | Behind The Lens

Well that was fast. Where did the first month of the year go? Seriously. 

Obviously January flew by and with it so did three weddings I shot, lots of blogging, editing, print orders and new disc design and branding! I've been a busy bee. 

The weather in Florida though...I swear. (It has been a very weird January to say the least - even for crazy Florida weather standards) The first wedding I shot was 25 degrees and windy. I love the cold, but this was near the water and pretty darn cold even for me. The second wedding I shot was 77 degrees and 100% chance of rain (yes, 100%. Thankfully it held off most of the day until the monsoon hit which resulted in pretty umbrella, rain pictures. Hooray!) and my last wedding of the month was 65 degrees and sunny with a slight unexpected sprinkle in the morning. I glared at the sky and it finally stopped, I guess it decided to give me a break from dealing with these lovely weather patterns, finally. ;) 

Keep in mind all three of these weddings were all a week a part from each other, so it shows you how unexpected Florida weather can be. It's lovely to deal with but I always (somehow) make it work!

So January is done and now it's the month of love! Hello February!

I'm trying to make it a new rule for myself that I get a picture with my bride and groom at each wedding. 
(left: Brittany, Kyle and I at their 1.11.14 nuptials) and (right: Kristin and I - she was a wonderful intern at this wedding and traveled all the way from NY!)

Wedding vendors having way too much fun during dinner. We love our jobs.

Two things are a fact. I will get in every photo booth at every wedding I shoot. And I will always do "The Wobble" when the DJ plays it, while I'm shooting ;)
Congrats John + Alison!

John + Alison's wedding was so beautiful! John took this behind the scenes shot of me and I love it.

After three wedding weekends in a row, a pedicure was in order and it felt fabulous on my poor tootsies.

Enjoying the "cold" Florida weather. We take what we can get aka; wear sweaters, boots and hats at any chance. Also had a visit with my fur-nephew, Teddy. I'm obsessed with him.

Milo (aka: Mr. Pig) also got lots of love this month too, of course.

My wonderful father-in-law made this amazing rustic wood table with a beautiful grey stain for us! I still can't stop looking at it in our dining room. It's gorgeous.

It took until my late twenties but I now love cooking and experimenting with healthy, homemade recipes.
I made homemade chicken broth and chicken, veggie and brown rice soup from scratch! Both the hubby and I loved it! So yummy. Thanks to Jessie Preza with ( for the inspiration and spending the day shopping for goodies with me! Love her!

The holidays are OVER. Back at it in the gym.

Finished off the month by treating myself and finally buying the Naked 3 pallet. I am in love.

I hope everyone had an amazing January and is excited for an even better February!

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