Friday, January 2, 2015

Brittany + Tony | St. Augustine, FL Engagement Photographer

I will forever call this session...."The session that almost didn't happen". I booked this date for their e-session with Brittany when she booked her wedding with me about two months ago. Little did we know that it was one of the busiest days of the year in historic St. Augustine. It's always busy down there and I'm used to shooting around that but THIS DAY. The last Saturday of the year, right after Christmas...absolute chaos. All of us were riding around trying to find parking for 45 minutes and I'm in my car watching the beautiful light go down further...and further... and cringing. Then my gas light came on. I really thought all hope was lost on finding parking when finally a guy made a parking space for me next to a dumpster (yes made a space) And finally..the session could start. We joked that basically, if we can handle the stress of this day that their wedding day would clearly be a piece of cake ;) 

I'm so excited about these images and that we got to shoot during the last few weeks of Night of Lights. If you're not from Jacksonville or St. Augustine and never's truly amazing and magical. 

So the session that almost didn't happen..did happen and was wonderful. Close call on that one ;)

Very excited for Brittany + Tony's wedding this November! Can't wait to capture their day!

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