Saturday, December 27, 2014

West House Photography Office + Studio | Behind the Scenes | Jacksonville, FL Photographer

This blog is a long time coming considering we moved into our new home in August and it's now December but hey at least I posted it before 2014 ended right? 

This morning was an exceptionally sunny morning in my office so I was like, okay... this is happening and finally took pictures of it. 

When we bought our new home, I knew instantly that this room would be my office for the beautiful natural light that pours in every morning. My old office has a good amount of light but not like this room.

I knew I wanted to keep it simple and clean with grey and golds and just a few pops of color here and there. The gold chevron accent wall is probably my favorite and I'm really glad I decided to do it. 

So, here it is! Four months later! 
The long awaited... new WHP office + studio space!

And the laziest but cutest office manager in the world, Milo.

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