Friday, November 15, 2013

Boston in November | A Personal Post

If you already know me well, you know I grew up in Boston, MA and moved to Jacksonville when I was thirteen years old. It was a huge adjustment and I'll be honest...I was not a fan of Florida when we came here. It was a completely different in every way and I just wasn't loving it. Of course I spent my teen years into my twenties here and it grew on me. I learned to drive here, made lifelong friends here, found my hubby, made my business. Needless to say I love it now but Boston is still my second home and I visit at least once a year to see my dad and other family members. If I'm able to make it up there twice a year I will. 

I'm usually bad at taking pictures for myself on trips or special events in my own life. I find it tedious to shoot things "for me" since I'm always working with my camera "for work". So I'm working on changing that. I made it a point this trip to carry my camera everywhere I could and break in my new 25mm 2.8 lens (which I'm pretty obsessed with now) and I'm so glad I did. Below are some of my favorite pictures taken on our adventures in Massachusetts, November 6th-10th and all of them were taken with my 25mm.  

Special moments ;)

Visiting my grandpa's grave.

Lunch with Ben, my dad and my uncle. Always fun.

The adventures of my dad making pancakes. With various hats.

Horseback riding on a three mile trail at Bobby's Ranch in Acton, MA. I've been going here since I was four and it looks exactly the same. Love this place. 

Visiting my Yia Yia's burial site.

Boston bombing site. Still under major construction. It was extremely hard to stand there in person.

Faneuil Hall in Boston

Cristy trying clam chowder (or chowdah) for the first time. She approved!

Bathroom in Harvard Square

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