Friday, November 1, 2013

Goodbye October, Hello November! | A Personal Post

October was a crazy month that I had to mentally prepare myself for not only for work but all the other things going know in my life too. But October is now done and we are now saying "Hello, November!"

One wedding, thirteen sessions + a mini session marathon, along with all the other happenings made for a very fun filled and eventful month with amazing clients, friends, family and festivities.
So I had a thought. I want to start a monthly "recap" blog entry documenting more of my life and what is happening behind the lens. You can get to know me a bit more and see what goes on when I'm not shooting! This will only be a monthly thing! I want to keep the focus of the blog on photography and the business but thought this would be a nice little addition. 

So with that said..take a peak at what my October looked like with my many Instagram shots. I am literally the laziest person to shoot things in my own life with my camera.
 It's awful and I'm working on it ;)

Rachael and I went to go see City and Colour + The Paper Kites perfrom.

We did the Color Me Rad 5k. It was pretty rad.

Went to a Magic's Game, started planning our epic New Years Eve party (Gatsby style!) and met little Reagan who one of my past brides and grooms; Kelly + Jason (and awesome friends!) welcomed into the world this month.

I tried on my wedding dress again for the first time since the wedding last year. You know..a normal Thursday night in the Halvorsen household.

I went blonder and back to my token bangs I always get whenever it gets cooler here in Florida. Wearing these in the summer is not an option people.

I welcomed this new little one into the the WHP family. I was nerdy excited about it and will be breaking her in on our trip to Boston in November.

We celebrated Stasia's golden birthday (25 on the 25th!) and I discovered a red wine I actually like.

Amy and I did some grilling. We are grill masters. Obviously.

We celebrated our good friend, Paige's birthday and going away party for being deployed in November. We love her and will miss her so much while she's gone. She is so strong and brave.

Ben and I started off the week of our anniversary seeing Michael BublĂ©. He puts on the most AMAZING show. Seriously so good. Oh and he's hilarious.

We carved some pumpkins. An owl and a minion of course.

Then Halloween happened and October was suddenly over already. We did "Day of the Dead" and I attempted makeup I never have before. Milo was a hot dog yet again this year. He does not approve.

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